Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All About different Types of Boat Motors

A boat motor or engine is one of the most prominent components of a boat. It is quite prominent to choose the right engine for your needs. There are mainly two prominent factors that need to be thought about while selecting engines and these comprise weight and horsepower. The comprehensive execution of the boat depends on these two factors. An underpowered boat will perform poorly due to stress caused to the engines. This can affect the execution of the boat adversely. To choose the right type of engine for your ship, it is prominent to understand the dissimilar types of engines or motors available.

Types and Functions

Boat Motors

Outboard motors: One of the most favorite and widely used engines or motors includes the outboard motors. These engines are available in various sizes but it is widely used for small water crafts. Most of the sailors prefer outboard motors as it is small, quiet, powerful and light. These motors are easy to steer and can be mounted on the transom of the watercraft. It can also be swirled nearby easily. various types of outboard motors require dissimilar types of fuels.

All About different Types of Boat Motors

Inboard motors: other type of boat motor includes the inboard motors which can be used for vessels which are longer than 26 feet. All the inboard motors can be mounted inside the watercraft unlike the outboard motors. The inboard motors are placed in the center of the vessel so that it provides equal weight distribution. The shaft of these motors is basically attached to the propellers. The water crafts can be turned and moved forward truly with the use of inboard motors.

Stern drive motors: Known to be heavier than the outboard motors, the stern drive motors are also called I/O engines. The stern drive motors can be fixed inboard with a small unit attached to the transom. These motors can be turned up and down for best cruising. The stern drive motors are quite favorite as it is both versatile and powerful.

Jet drive motors: The jet drive boat motor is thought about to be quiet safe as it does not comprise propellers. It is therefore thought about to be safe and eco-friendly. These motors comprise less maintenance and are safe for maritime animals and humans. Jet driven motors cannot be used for water crafts to sail in shallow water. The jet driven motors are ordinarily fixed inboard.

Choosing the Right Boat Motor

As mentioned earlier, there are two factors which affect the execution of the boats which comprise the horsepower and the weight of the vessel. While purchasing motors, it is prominent to think the size and weight of the watercraft. It is also prominent to comprise fuel, passengers and gear of the vessel or watercraft before inspecting the weight. Engines or motors should be chosen agreeing to these factors.

There are dissimilar types of fuels that can be used for dissimilar types of gasoline engines. The three most favorite fuels in the store comprise Electronic Fuel Injection (Efi), Direct Fuel Injection (Dfi) and Carbureted fuel. All fuel types used for engines are unique and comprise specific qualities. It is prominent to use them agreeing to the type of motor or engine.

All About different Types of Boat Motors